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The word Hacker refers to a skilled and efficient programmer who deals with machine codes and computer systems. These days the word has more of a negative meaning and is generally assumed to be involved and engaged in illegal hacking activities. People have an overall negative image of hackers and have developed the idea that hacking is just a harmful activity but not a profession.

In the actual world, hacking is an act of modifying different features of a system. This is usually done in a way that can support achieving goals. Due to the negative feelings and vibes attached to the word hacking, it has become more common to use the word ethical hacking instead of using a single word hacking to explain its good and positive meaning. To better understand ethical hacking, you would need to understand how it differs from its negative meaning.

Introduction of an Ethical Hacking

Many people do not use ethical hacking to reduce the negative image and impact of the word hacking. There are several ethical hackers who are good and follow ethics while involved in the process of hacking. The word itself has no negative meaning but adding “ethical” makes it more acceptable and professional nowadays.

Role of Ethical Hackers

The key role of “Ethical Hackers” differs from many people. Hackers never use their latest and secret knowledge of computers that they are using during the process of hacking. First ethical hackers typically find out various weaknesses and then gaps in computer data security and programming. Various organizations, companies, or businesses hire ethical hackers intending to protect their data from being hacked or misused by the “bad hackers” in any way.

Ethical Hacking as a Profession

For those who are interested in growing their career in computer or IT, ethical hacking is a good option for them. It is a new field with many challenges at the start, but later, people will have a great future in it. Everyone is moving towards their data protection and is trying to keep their business’s information secret so that ethical hacking will provide a gateway to beginners.
Ethical hacking allows hackers to practice and enhance their IT and computer skills and make money. When once you are ready to take the big step and are experienced, you may grow to the next stages of ethical hacking.

Become an Ethical Hacker

One of the most crucial skills that you may need to practice to become an ethical hacker is patience. Patience is very crucial for you to start walking on the path of ethical hacking step by step.

First Step in Ethical Hacking

The first step you should take when entering this field is to get a computer degree. The other option is to get a relevant certification by giving professional exams. These exams test the knowledge of computer components and tell the capability of a person pursuing the field.

Network Engineering

After getting a relevant degree or qualification, the second step is the network support through which you may become a Network Engineer after getting relevant experience. You must gain experience monitoring, installing, updating, and testing security programs. This will allow you to gain experience in the field of network security to become a network engineer. Once you gain experience in network support, you can expect to earn at higher pay levels. From there on, you can step into the world of a network engineer and can design or plan networks rather than simply supporting them. This is the basic landmark of your journey to becoming an ethical hacker.

Information Security

To become a successful hacker, it is necessary to have skills related to information security. The basic objective of an information security analyst is to monitor and examine the system and its network security. They have to deal with the issues regarding any breaches in security and manage the measures to ensure security. This should generally allow you to get a good amount of experience in penetration testing.
Once you can work in information security and you’re fully experienced, you may look for further growth by getting a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification from the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (the EC council). This certification will allow you to become an efficient, good, professional, ethical hacker. The certification will be a milestone towards starting as a professional, ethical hacker. Now you can market yourself as one.

Your Outlook as an Ethical Hacker

Now you are ready to market and advertise yourself and your services to various businesses and companies and can work as an ethical hacker. You can start by practicing your expertise in network security for the business or organization you have been hired by. So you will generally be required to provide a detailed analysis for your reports on network security, and your main job description would be to protect your organization from illegal hacking.
So many businesses or organizations prefer to hire hackers since they have faced many hacking issues. As an ethical hacker, you would be a white hat guardian for an organization you are working for, and, at the same time, you would be getting a handsome amount for it.

Conclusion and Remarks

This was all about ethical hacking. In recent times, trillions of dollars are being spent on IT security on a global scale level. The idea of ethical hacking to combat the black-hat hackers is becoming more and more common. Also with this, the demand for ethical hackers is also starting to increase. But not just that, but they are also being paid heavy sums of money for ethical hacking. Are you thinking about pursuing the field of Ethical Hacking?

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